Our Operations during the COVID-19 Lockdown

30 April 2020

In order to comply with the government lockdown due to COVID-19, College Press Publishers will remain temporarily closed for the public until the lockdown is over. However, our devoted team of pu...

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College Press Publishers donates textbooks to King George VI Children's Centre

18 July 2018

As part of our 50th Anniversary College Press Publishers donated textbooks to King George VI Children's Centre worth more than a thousand dollars. The donation included ECD A to Form 4 new curricu...

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New curriculum textbooks for the disadvantaged Chigiji Primary School

12 July 2018

A group of Zimbabwean ladies led by Chipo Caren Samvura and Lynn Chikosha put together and mobilised funds to purchase new curriculum textbooks for the disadvantaged Chigiji Primary School, which is l...

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Focus Secondary - New Curriculum Series

01 February 2017

At College Press it is of paramount importance that our Secondary textbooks address all New Curriculum aims and objectives, to ensure that learners are fully prepared for their Ordinary and Advance Le...

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31 January 2017

At College Press we understand there are differences amongst learners, therefore we have customized our Ventures Primary Series to address these differences in all our Grade 1 and 3 New Curriculum tex...

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Ventures Primary Early Childhood Development ECD -NEW CURRICULUM SERIES

30 January 2017

At College Press we understand that every pupil has a unique personality and learning style and that to reach each learner effectively there is a need to communicate with them at their level. Our new ...

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College Press Publishers has successfully launched its new series of readers

20 May 2016

Readers are Leaders Ventures Active Readers Ventures Pepukai ReadersThe new readers are suitable for Early Reading Initiatives (ERI), a programme that was introduced by the Ministry of Primary and Sec...

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Early Child Development Posters now available

18 May 2016

We are happy to let you know that we now have ECD posters for sale. The posters adhere to syllabus requirements and have colorful pictures that capture the interest of pupils and make learning pleasur...

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Lekker learning, the flashcard way

16 May 2016

Learning made simpler and pleasurable with our new FLASHCARDS. Available for our young learners are multiplication flashcards with answers , a set of 26 flashcards with letters of the alphabet and col...

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