30 January 2017

At College Press we understand that every pupil has a unique personality and learning style and that to reach each learner effectively there is a need to communicate with them at their level. Our new Ventures Primary Early Childhood Development (ECD) series was therefore designed with a framework around providing lessons which engage young learners at the same time allowing for their individual creativity to develop.

To ensure continuous engagement of our young audiences our Ventures Primary ECD series incorporates colourful level appropriate illustrations and use of modern technologies that communicate content. This caters for the development of an appreciation of the dynamism of technology. In addition each book comprises of learner centred activities that promote problem solving, decision making and teamwork.

Planning lessons is made simpler by complementing our learner’s books with foot notes for the instructor. As well as the provision of a holistic Zimbabwean experience where learners interact with cultural elements in their immediate environment. However the scope of learning is not limited to our nation but integrates aspects of globalisation necessary for the wholesome development of each learner.

So if an educator seeks to unlock the growing potential of their learners in a fun, enjoyable yet entertaining manner; our nine ECD books are a MUST HAVE for your NEW CURRICULUM COLLECTION